Jeff’s education, experience, and work in government finance has ably prepared him for this important work. His integrity and moral compass give Jeff a strong sense of duty and loyalty to the people of Oregon. He will work for all Oregonians.

Tom Potter (past mayor of Portland) and Karin Hansen

“I have known Jeff Gudman for many years. Over the course of our friendship, three traits stand out to me that make me support him for State Treasurer.

Jeff builds community. I’ve watched Jeff actively reach across political, economic, racial, and religious groups to create friendships and foster relationships between groups with mutual respect.

Jeff is unafraid to put forward his ideas. When Jeff has an idea to solve a problem he states it without guile. And he wants feedback.

This takes me to the third, and to me, most important trait. Jeff listens. I don’t experience him forming his response while I’m responding. Instead, he listens. If he thinks I’m wrong he will tell me. If he thinks I may be right he will ask for more information. If he decides I am right he will change his mind.

What do these three traits tell me? As Treasurer I expect Jeff will be forthright in his ideas. He will create a wide circle to provide feedback. He will listen to what they have to say. This will be good for Oregon.”

– Ron Silver, Retired Attorney and Community Leader

“I’ve had the pleasure of working with Jeff for over 4 years in his capacity of Board Treasurer for a non-profit free clinic. I was the executive director.
In 2020 we embarked on a capital campaign to renovate and move the clinic and start an on-site training program for Clackamas Community College students entering healthcare professions.
We ran a successful campaign, in large part because of Jeff’s ability to forge strong relationships with lawmakers who were able to help. Jeff works across the aisle.
focuses on the task at hand and doesn’t get caught up in political drama. A rare quality these days.”

– Martha Spiers, Past executive director of the Clackamas Free Clinic

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    Mayors / Past Mayors:

    • Frank Bubenik, Mayor, City of Tualatin
    • Rory Bialostosky, Mayor, City of West Linn
    • Brian Hodson, Mayor, City of Canby
    • Jeff Dalin, Mayor, City of Cornelius
    • Kent Studebaker, Former Mayor, City of Lake Oswego
    • Tom Potter, Former Mayor, City of Portland
    • George Endicott, Mayor, City of Redmond
    • Bill King, Former Mayor, City of Sandy
    • Keith Mays, Former Mayor, City of Sherwood
    • Jason Snider, Former Mayor, City of Tigard
    • Russ Axelrod, Former Mayor, City of West Linn
    • Tammy Stempel, Former Mayor, City of Gladstone
    • Keith Swigert, Former Mayor, City of Molalla
    • Steve Uffelman, Mayor, City of Prineville
    • Hank Willilams, Mayor, City of Central Point
    • Frank Bubenik, Mayor, City of Tualatin
    • Lou Ogden, Former Mayor, City of Tualatin
    • Sean Drinkwine, Mayor, City of Estacada
    • Casey Ryan, Former Mayor, City of Troutdale
    • Riley Hill, Former Mayor, City of Ontario
    • Larry Rich, Mayor, City of Roseburg
    • Cathy Clark, Mayor, City of Keizer
    • Loran Joseph, Former Mayor, City of Baker City
    • Joe Buck, Mayor, City of Lake Oswego

    County Commissioners / City Councilors

    • Krissanna Clark-Endicott, Past Councilor, City of Redmond
    • Brad Nanke, Past Councilor, City of Salem
    • Theresa Kohlhoff, Past Councilor, City of Lake Oswego
    • Massene Mboup, Councilor, City of Lake Oswego
    • Ali Afghan, Councilor, City of Lake Oswego.
    • Brett Sherman, Councilor, City of Happy Valley
    • Ken Humbertson, Clackamas County Commissioner
    • Sonya Fischer, Former Clackamas County Commissioner
    • Martha Schrader, Clackamas County Commissioner
    • Trudy Corrigan, Councilor, City of Lake Oswego
    • Adam Marl, Councilor, City of Oregon City


    • KC Hanson, Immediate Past Chair Democratic Party of Oregon
    • Hector Hinojosa, Community Leader
    • Dr. J.W. Matt Hennessee, Community Activist
    • Wajdi Said, Co-Founder of the Beloved Community Coalition
    • Willie Levinson, Willamette River Activist
    • Jenny Kim, Community Activist
    • Chris Telfer, Independent Party 2016
    • John Thomas, PERS Board
    • Knute Buehler, Governor Candidate 2018
    • Bud Pierce, Governor Candidate 2016
    • John Thomas, Past Chair, PERS Board
    • Ron Silver, Retired Attorney and Community Leader

    Advocacy Organizations

    • North Clackamas Chamber of Commerce
    • Oregon Small Business Association
    • Oregon Coalition of Police and Sheriffs

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